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Sink Hole

I have been trying to write. And cannot. Everything I write is just plain BAD.
Okay, tell me what you think. I have two versions of the first chapter. I think both suck. The first one I wrote a while ago. Actually, rewrote it like 10 times. I'm not lying, I have proof. All are different. But are based on the same idea. I have tried every scenario. Maybe it's my brain? Notice this is a rough draft, due to all my doubts on it. HELP!

The cold of the soil underneath his feet is beginning to bite his bones. Zachary Jones feels it biting and steps on the grass that patiently awaits the sun’s return, but it doesn’t help, the grass is covered with frozen dew. He didn’t notice he wasn’t wearing shoes when he rushed out of his house nearly three hours ago, until recently, when he arrived at the lake and stepped on a stick that made his knees bend and his body nearly tumble to the ground. He would’ve stay in bed if he didn’t have nightmares. His bad d…