Rustic Stars: Release Day!

It’s Release Day for RUSTIC STARS!*

*Throws glitter in the shape of stars as he dances around you*

I honestly didn’t tell a soul when this book would come out. So about two weeks ago, I decided to do it on December 4,, 2015. Then I went from there. It was a lot of work getting everything together in such a small time frame, but it happened. Cover, design…everything. I had a lot of help from a very special friend to do the Ebook, and I can’t even thank her enough! *Bear hugs her*

Any who, if you know me, or have ever heard me talk about my book, you should know that my book has a gay character. Fair warning.

I had a lot of people tell me bad stuff about it, which ALWAYS made me want to stop. And when they heard it was romance, more bad comments. But fantasy is good, right?

Comments such as: “Gay people don’t read,” “Gay romance is BORING,” “I wouldn’t read that book, because it sounds sad.” Among others. None bad, but all made me question. My book is not intended for a certain kind of people. I want everyone to read it. As long as you're human. (Sorry, C-3PO)

Yes, there is romance in my book, but it isn’t between two people. It’s only in one person, as his “other half” tries to save himself. So there is no awkward gay talk in my book. My characters are just human, and I won’t label them.

Now to it, if you are looking for something to read. Buy RUSTIC STARS here:


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Then come to me and tell me what you think about it! I am craving for your thoughts and comments. We’ll have a tea party, and I will bring cookies. I promise.

Wait, wait, wait. Does this book make me go from an aspiring writer to a published author? Does that mean I can change my bio? Okay, you guys, I'm freaking out. Where is my group hug?



*Frog croaking*


Happy Reading!

*Some sites have the book publishes Dec 2, and paperback came Nov 29. To me, my book came out Dec 4. #Special

Rustic Stars: Cover Reveal

*Takes extremely deep breath*

*Waves hello*

More than a year ago, I had this crazy dream about a girl with a tail and a boy holding hands, hiding behind a pier from men who were shooting at them. In my dream, I remember seeing the fear in their eyes as they tried to hide, and then swim away. I remember there was a ship, but before I’d see anything else, I’d awake.

I had this dream multiple times. It was always the siren. She was always running away, and there was always a boy, though I couldn’t figure out who he was.

As so happens that sometimes life entangles you in a set of emotions programmed to either torture you in a hole of constant questions, or make you grow in a hole of self-inflicted doubt.

I can’t tell what was happening with me a year ago, but I was trapped in a torrent of depression. Part because of my life situation and part because of the barriers I could never bring down.

In November of 2014, I did NaNoWriMo, and decided to finally pen down these dreams that kept coming to me. On November 1st, I had the last dream about the siren girl and the boy. It’s what drove me to finish RUSTIC STARS, even if it was a year later. In the dream, I saw the ending of the story. But it had no beginning, and only parts of the middle.

Now, I probably did not write exactly what my dreams told me, but this book aid me so much; it helped me express myself in different way about all my feelings. Though a certain set of emotions inflicted by an individual are what helped me start this novel, another set of emotions by a different someone helped me actually finish.

I hope you get to read the book that I now present to you. It means a lot to me, and it will allow you to dive into some dark, some blissful, aspects of my own personal life. I will continue to talk about it in more blog posts, but I wanted to share the cover personally with you, without having to shove it out into the world.

I heart you.

NaNoWriMo: Update

How am I doing with NaNoWriMo this year?


Really bad. As you can see below. It has been almost two years since I wrote anything new, and writing new content is always hard for me, specially since this time I didn't outline the story.

Reason: The last novel I wrote, I outlined everything, and knew the story almost perfectly before I wrote it, so by the time I actually did get to write it, it was hard because I lacked in interest. I figured it was because I already knew the story so well, that I didn't feel the need to write it. So this time around I decided to be a gardener: take a bunch of characters and an idea, and go with it, see what grows, which is new to me, and is growing much slower than it should. But growing nonetheless.


Rustic Stars: Character Reveal: SAMONE

Today you will meet SAMONE

SAMONE is a main character in the story [Main Character

She is 15 years old.

Her family are: Tehja (grandmother) 

Her partner for The Parse: EAST

 Curse: She is a siren (aka mermaid)

For your reading pleasure, I have this teaser from SAMONE*

I scream and swim back a few meters, away from the edge, and into deeper water. He stares down, at the water, at me—he stares at me! He’s gasping and walking back, backing up as the blood flushes from his face. He’s seen my body covered in green scales, and worse, my tail. I couldn’t hide; he caught me by surprise.
What was I thinking?
“Are you a demon?” he questions. I don’t see fear in his eyes, but I do see disgust. It tickles me the wrong way and makes my heart wither. Disgust. Disgust!
“I’m a siren. Have you ever heard of a siren?” I say, and swim in a circle with my head outside the water, thinking about holding on from the edge of the river once more.
“Are you a killer?”
“No!” I reply, and stop moving. “I’ve never kill anyone.”
“I heard a siren once killed a boat full of people in this river,” he mentions, and I turn as green as seaweed.
“It was not me, I promise,” I say, suddenly thinking that this might be another reason why people keep away from this river.
“What are you doing here?” he asks. I think he’s satisfied with my reply to his question about me not being responsible for the deaths of those people.
“This is where I come to hide,” I state, and swim to the edge after feeling comfortable enough. If he tries to grab me again, I’ll be prepared to escape. “What are you doing here?”
“This is where I come to hide,” he answers, painting a smile on my face.
“We have that in common, then.”
“I guess.”
“Why were you crying?” I want to know. I don’t know why, maybe because I’m a nosy siren. Or maybe because when I’m a siren, I’m attracted to humans with wounded hearts. Maybe that’s why I want him, be near him, feel him, touch him….

Rustic Stars: Character Reveal: EAST

I will try to do a character reveal every week, until all the characters from RUSTICS STARS are out, or at least most of them!

My friend chose many of them, and I think they all fit the roll.
This is purely out of fun, and are NOT the characters I based my novel on, because they were chosen AFTER I had finish my manuscript, and I did not go back to change their personas to try and match these [real] people.

I hope you enjoy!

Today, you will meet EAST.

EAST is one of the two main characters in the story.

He is 16 years old.

His family are: VINCI (brother) HERUS (father)

Best friend: DELTA

In love with: INNIS

His partner for The Parse: SAMONE

For your reading pleasure, I have this teaser from EAST*

I am a damako.
When I was little, I heard the term a few times, but I never wanted to know the meaning of it, since all men capable of loving another man never lived long. The term became invisible, unheard of. It became something that no one wanted to hear about, and the seam of letters that formed the word was something worthy of panic and anger, and led eventually to riots and death.
Telling myself I’m a damako is nothing easy to do. I do not admit it. Why do I have to call myself that just because I have a different talent at love than others do?
Here I sit with three strangers staring blankly at me, probably thinking about killing me, hanging me in the middle of the plaza where everyone else sees. Maybe they look at me sadly, instead, and pity me.
I pity me.
Maybe some of us are just lucky enough to fall in love with the wrong people.
I remember the day I saw Innis for the first time. I was so afraid to feel all the things I felt. It was a constant stream in my stomach of uncertainties, of fright, of wonder. Then we spoke, and my world spun and stood still, hung in suspense, slowly dying to born again. We used to walk to the White River holding hands. He was never afraid to hold me; I was. I’ve always been the coward, because I’ve been afraid I’d feel too much. I wondered what would happen when I had felt everything there is to love, what would be left to feel.
I should have told Innis that I love him more often.
Now everything seems too late.
Now…now…I’m just angry at myself.