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Hope and Love

Whoa! Get ready to meet Hope.
I mean, the hope that we never expect, that sometimes comes too late, but that is always good.
Erg. Okay, it is not always good, because sometimes hope isn't the hope we want, like, or [THINK] we deserve.

The picture tells the story of two hands frozen on the surface of the glass. Both want Love.
[Yes, everything is about Love]
Anyhow, they can't reach Love.

So here comes HOPE!
And tah-dah!
Hope turns the water red. Something that represents feelings.

Oh, no! The water is filled with feelings, but the two hands are still away. They will never be together.


I will let you find out for yourself what Hope does.

Just remember: the hands have a happy ending, and a sad ending. Both were eaten and vanished, along with what they most desired.


Nothing to Fear

As you might or might not know, I have to practice my Spanish. And what better way to do that than translating things. So, here, I translated this song. I did it for two reasons: one, I love the song; two, I just love the song. [Insert laughter] Here is my sloppy translation.

The song is titled 'Sin Miedo a Nada' (Without Fear of Nothing) or 'Nothing to Fear' by Alex Ubago

I'm dying to beg that you don’t leave, my life. I'm dying to hear you say the things you never say. But I keep quiet and you walk away.
I remain hopeful that someday I will be capable of not hiding my wounds that hurt me when I think that I keep loving you every day a little more. How long are we going to wait?
I'm dying to hug you and that you hug me so hard. I'm dying to have fun and that you kiss me when I wake, accommodated in your chest until the sun shows up. I begin to get lost in your scent. I begin to get lost in your lips that approach me, whispering words that hit this poor hea…