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Yes, I speak English

I was just out a few minutes ago, buying books, of course! Only seven of them this time, I promise.
I don't know where 30 minutes went! I guess I tried to find good titles. Well, I was at the store waiting in line to check out, books in my hands, heavy, too. There is this white lady trying to cut me off, because apparently I don't seem to be in a straight line, in line! As I'm trying to thinking of a way to get this white lady off my toes, the cashier, who was white, too, begins to stare at this little girl, who was happily playing with a pony. The pony was big, about 3 feet tall, and the girl also wanted to ride it, I'm sure. The mother of this girl was standing right next to her, looking at a few items. When the girl seems happy enough, the cashier says in a loud voice, "SENORITA!" And the mom quickly takes notice and looks her way. I don't know what to think, what is she speaking Spanish? Does she know Spanish? Does the woman understand? What!? The cas…

#365DaysLater: Day Two

I did finish fixing all the folders I had. Unfortunately, I discovered I can't work on more than three stories at a time. Yes, I know how to keep them apart and the stories from entwining, but my mind wouldn't handle it. I also now have a schedule. Reading has more space now. Cheers to that. I have 58 books, physical copies, in my possession, which I must read.

Okay, about reading: I have my Goodreads page (LINK), and I will try and read the books on my TBR list as they were added (in order). Unless there is like book 3 of a series first and I haven't read the first, then it will be skipped. I say because there are about 400 books I want to read, so yeah...I need some rules. I will also review every book I read. Cheers to that, I say.

Skipping to the end of this post, I promised to share a bit of T. R. Orbs with you, and I will do so. I don't ever share my writing because, honestly, no one cares about something that hasn't been published. Among other reasons, etc, …

#365DaysLater: Day One

So today I thought I was going to be able to write. A lot. Since I have most of the words I want to put down in my mind, but I had a pretty busy day.

1) I went to Lowe's and bought potting soil for my garden (yes, I have one). Everything I planted were seeds, so there is a 75% fat chance not many will grow and succeed. It took me about 2 hours to finish that, but it is done. It was a pretty cold day, then it was a bit hot. Today (Sunday) it's supposed to be warm. So hopefully the seeds understand I planted them on cold, rainy today for a reason.
2) I needed walking shoes, so I had to run to the store and get some. By the way, I stopped by Payless, because they sell amazing comfortable shoes there. And I found them! Two pairs. Around $50 both. And I got a coupon they gave me there for 20% off my purchase, so it came out to be $40 for both pairs of shoes, which I love...wearing one pair right now.

3) I had to do laundry, and all my clean clothes are now on my bed. Hopefully not …

#365DaysLater: Day Zero

Hello, hello, hello!
Yes, I'm alive. Yes, I exist. No, I haven't been here in a big while. Lots of things have changed. Miss me yet? I didn't think so. *Cries*
So I really, really want to continue writing. Every day I come back from work my PC basically screams at me! I used to write every day. Two hours. Now, I just think of sleep and food. And work. Adulthood sucks. Who even invented this...this thing? We'll talk when we get home. *Gives them the evil eye*
Things first!
1) I just began re-writing my urban fantasy novel for young adults (some say it's middle grade, but some of the themes in it are not appropriate). So far, I have nearly 4,000 words down! My last draft (7th draft...I know, I know, so many drafts, eat me already), has around 118,000 words, so hopefully I end up with as many or less, as long as the story comes through. I will share the first page with you tomorrow!
2) I had 4 fish. 2 died after I switched the tank's light off for a night. 1 jumpe…