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Rustic Stars: Cover Reveal

*Takes extremely deep breath*

*Waves hello*

More than a year ago, I had this crazy dream about a girl with a tail and a boy holding hands, hiding behind a pier from men who were shooting at them. In my dream, I remember seeing the fear in their eyes as they tried to hide, and then swim away. I remember there was a ship, but before I’d see anything else, I’d awake.
I had this dream multiple times. It was always the siren. She was always running away, and there was always a boy, though I couldn’t figure out who he was.
As so happens that sometimes life entangles you in a set of emotions programmed to either torture you in a hole of constant questions, or make you grow in a hole of self-inflicted doubt.
I can’t tell what was happening with me a year ago, but I was trapped in a torrent of depression. Part because of my life situation and part because of the barriers I could never bring down.
In November of 2014, I did NaNoWriMo, and decided to finally pen down these dreams that kept comi…

NaNoWriMo: Update

How am I doing with NaNoWriMo this year?

Really bad. As you can see below. It has been almost two years since I wrote anything new, and writing new content is always hard for me, specially since this time I didn't outline the story.
Reason: The last novel I wrote, I outlined everything, and knew the story almost perfectly before I wrote it, so by the time I actually did get to write it, it was hard because I lacked in interest. I figured it was because I already knew the story so well, that I didn't feel the need to write it. So this time around I decided to be a gardener: take a bunch of characters and an idea, and go with it, see what grows, which is new to me, and is growing much slower than it should. But growing nonetheless.

Rustic Stars: Character Reveal: SAMONE

Today you will meet SAMONE
SAMONE is a main character in the story [Main Character
She is 15 years old.

Her family are: Tehja (grandmother) 
Her partner for The Parse: EAST
 Curse: She is a siren (aka mermaid)

For your reading pleasure, I have this teaser from SAMONE*

I scream and swim back a few meters, away from the edge, and into deeper water. He stares down, at the water, at me—he stares at me! He’s gasping and walking back, backing up as the blood flushes from his face. He’s seen my body covered in green scales, and worse, my tail. I couldn’t hide; he caught me by surprise. What was I thinking? “Are you a demon?” he questions. I don’t see fear in his eyes, but I do see disgust. It tickles me the wrong way and makes my heart wither. Disgust. Disgust! “I’m a siren. Have you ever heard of a siren?” I say, and swim in a circle with my head outside the water, thinking about holding on from the edge of the river once more. “Are you a killer?” “No!” I reply, and stop moving. “I’ve never kill a…