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Rustic Stars: Character Reveal: EAST

I will try to do a character reveal every week, until all the characters from RUSTICS STARS are out, or at least most of them!
My friend chose many of them, and I think they all fit the roll. This is purely out of fun, and are NOT the characters I based my novel on, because they were chosen AFTER I had finish my manuscript, and I did not go back to change their personas to try and match these [real] people.
I hope you enjoy!

Today, you will meet EAST.
EAST is one of the two main characters in the story.
He is 16 years old.
His family are: VINCI (brother) HERUS (father)
Best friend: DELTA
In love with: INNIS
His partner for The Parse: SAMONE

For your reading pleasure, I have this teaser from EAST*

I am a damako. When I was little, I heard the term a few times, but I never wanted to know the meaning of it, since all men capable of loving another man never lived long. The term became invisible, unheard of. It became something that no one wanted to hear about, and the seam of letters that f…