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R. S. - Another way to die

Hello you guys! The other night I was writing, working on the rough draft of (R.S.), and today I came upon this tiny scene, where the character does something really strange. I honestly was about to delete it, because I didn't find use for the scene, and don't even remember much about it! I don't know why I wrote it all.
Today, sober and saturated with caffeine, I understood the meaning.
My character was committing suicide (kind of).
It didn't hit me at first, because he doesn't blame it on him, or warns you about it. He just does it. But he doesn't go through with it. I have no idea why, to be honest.
Anyway, I really wanted to share it, and ask you if I should keep it. Not because I can't decide myself (which I can't, at the moment), but because I find it rather...I don't know, wobbly? Like it has no true structure.

"The night is bright, and I want to walk around the beach so I can clear my mind and think about my dad and my brother…