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Since I haven't share anything in a while, I want to share this small snip of a rough draft I'm working on. It's a bad dream the MC is having, and it represents the love of his Mother.
Let me know what you think!
Happy Writing


There is a ballerina spinning to piano music.
The room also spins, and in the blur, the pianist’s face alights.
“Dad,” whispers Zach from across the room. He is faded, his body incomplete. Thomas plays in the corner, ignoring him, hitting the keys in perfect harmony as Melanie twirls, and never missing a beat. “Mom!” He reaches to her, but can’t move. Thomas plays louder, and the room spins faster as Melanie twirls in the middle of the black-and-white room.
There is a chandelier hanging from overhead that begins to drip blood onto Melanie, turning her pink tutu into a wet mess. It doesn’t bother her, she dances to Thomas’ music, smearing the white floor with blood. Zach screams at her, but she can’t hear him. He does it again, louder, and again, u…