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Rustic Stars: Release Day!

It’s Release Day for RUSTIC STARS!*
*Throws glitter in the shape of stars as he dances around you*
I honestly didn’t tell a soul when this book would come out. So about two weeks ago, I decided to do it on December 4,, 2015. Then I went from there. It was a lot of work getting everything together in such a small time frame, but it happened. Cover, design…everything. I had a lot of help from a very special friend to do the Ebook, and I can’t even thank her enough! *Bear hugs her*
Any who, if you know me, or have ever heard me talk about my book, you should know that my book has a gay character. Fair warning.
I had a lot of people tell me bad stuff about it, which ALWAYS made me want to stop. And when they heard it was romance, more bad comments. But fantasy is good, right?
Comments such as: “Gay people don’t read,”“Gay romance is BORING,”“I wouldn’t read that book, because it sounds sad.” Among others. None bad, but all made me question. My book is not intended for a certain kind of pe…