A Trip and Back

Sunday, January 06, 2013
My family loves going to Mexico!
I have...it's hard to count, hold on. I think...around 14 uncles and aunts. One of them usually goes to Mexico in December. Sometimes they go to Florida, to visit Grandpa, but only some.
Anyhow, they always bring back...CANDY! Among other things, like [stinky] cheese, which I love.

Here is what I [my family] got this year!

JLL-Day of the Three Kings 2013

1-Beans! Why so special? Um, my uncle planted them, ha ha! They look amazing!

2-Papeletas [suckers] Four flavors! (a) tamarindo con chile [spicy tamarind]  (b) paletas de pollo [spicy suckers named 'chicken suckers'] (c) paletas de coca [coke suckers. PS: They have something like baking soda] (d) paletas de cajeta (caramel suckers).

3-Garbanzos [chickpeas] They are fresh! I better cook them soon.

4-More candy that doesn't have name! Ha! They are just in plastic bags because they were sold where they are made. ZAMORA!

5-Habas [lima beans] They are dried, added salt, and pepper. O.M.G! They are yummy!

6-Peanuts [cacahuates] covered in caramel!

7-Peanuts with salt.

8-Coconut candy [dulce de coco] (the one with the pink top on the cutting board).

9-Guava candy [dulce de guayava] (The very brown one on the top right corned of the cutting board).

10-Another candy (on the bottom right corner of the cutting board. I tasted it, I don't know what it tastes like).

11-Spicy Dust! (Bottom left side of the cutting board, three packages in red. It's just sugar with pepper.)

12-Borrachos! [Drunks] the yellow-and-pink and pink candy on the bottom of the photo. These candy have...spirits! Depends on what flavor you eat, each has different portions of wine.

13-CHEESE! [queso] Dried cheese [stinky cheese] We Mexicans love, love this cheese. Oh, I want to eat it all right now.

14-Dried Meat! [we call them: tasajos or carne vieja {old meat}] Because we live where the sun don't shine most of the time, it is almost impossible to dry the meat. And, it also doesn't smell too good when it's drying. So, bring it from Mexico. Cook? Well, so many ways, I can't pick one out.

15- Chongos Zamoranos! The famous chongos I talk about all. The. Time. It's a candy! And a dessert. And a food. And, okay, it's everything! Chongos!

I need to breathe! That was so much and it looks like so little.

I hope you learned something. Now, I need a borracho...

PS: Everything is homemade/natural. Tastes amazing.


  1. Oh wow! Glad you explained it all!! I've tasted one or two things before, but would be fun to taste it all one day. Enjoy your fun memories and candy!

    1. :-) Thank You, Christina! Yes, one day you'll be able to try these things and more!

      PS: visit Mexico, maybe!? I know I need to do it, sometime in the near future.

  2. Very cool Luis! Wish I could help you eat it all!

    1. I need to visit Mexico myself and bring some! It will never be too late, I promise. (To eat candy, LOL.)

  3. OMG tamarindo, guava...todo Hijole me estoy muriendo!! Feliz dia del Reyes Magos mi hermanito! un abrazote

    1. Jaja! Gracias. Si, pero no me gusta el tamarindo a mi. Adoro la guayava. Y la huanabana (guanabana).


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