'Red Sky' by Daniel Luna

This post is titled after my friend Daniel Luna, who shared this pictures with me! I love them a lot. Good thing he allowed me to post them.

I couldn't believe this pictures when I saw them. It really took me by surprise, I have to say. Now, why are these picture so special to me? Well, first, they re amazing; second, they represent something I write about.

PS: Yes, that really is the place where my story takes place. The mountain has a name: Beata. And there are different legends of what lies under it. Some say a different city, some say a twin city to the city beside it: Zamora. And, if you're like me and know where each legend about it comes from...you're too real. Too much research from my part didn't help, in fact, with the fantasy side of the story.

Back story of what is in the pictures (according to my novel)...

A mountain: that mountain, my reader, is the mountain that sits on top of a city; the city where the White Zombies are trapped, hungry for freedom.

A falling sun: I write about a chapter (Chapter 35 ‘THE WHITE ZOMBIES’) it talks about a sunset behind the mountain that sat on top of their city. Now, why is this important, you might wonder? And I shall tell you…not.

All I can tell you at this point is that the mountain (Beata) is the White Zombies’ battle field; the sun falling is their witness, their aid, and their enemy when they fight for what they believe is right.


Here they...are!

Red Sky


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    1. Yes. Daniel took amazing photos. He told me he'd take more! I'll see what he takes next and share them.


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