TrueTwit is Spam

Why I will Block you and report you for SPAM (you read right) if I receive a DM like this: “____ uses TrueTwit validation service. To validate click here: ____” minutes/hours/days after I took the time to follow you.

Spam: When you use this service, it will send me a direct message with a link to click to confirm THAT I AM HUMAN, right after I follow you. There, does that sound like spam? I followed you to know more about you, to see what you tweet about, not to be followed back upon confirming that I am REAL. Clearly, SPAM.

First: I don’t want my DM to be filled with links—from people I followed—to CONFIRM what I am! Thank you very much.

Second: my DM is for private messages. How about you send a tweet, mentioning me, saying: “ARE YOU HUMAN? YOU FOLLOWED ME, I WANT TO FOLLOW BACK, BUT I’M TOO LAZY TO LOOK AT YOUR BIO OR RECENT TWEETS TO FIND OUT.”

Block: If I report you for spam, I will also block you. If you read Spam, then Block is just the extra step to protect myself from people like you, who care less about their followers. You might say you DO care about your followers, but you don’t care enough. IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO FOLLOW YOUR FOLLOWERS BACK, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT SPAM THEIR DM WITH LINKS TO CONFIRM IF THEY ARE REAL HUMANS!

Human or Robot: Don’t we have enough robots doing our jobs already? Clearly, in my humble opinion, twitter was invented so people can communicate with each other. Clearly, you can tell who is a robot and who is a human by clicking, visiting, and perusing their Twitter profile. Ah, you say you had no idea this was possible. You lie.

First: I do not think you are that (what’s the word…) smart to pay a robot to confirm if the people who follow you, and you want to follow back, are robots or not. Am I missing something here? Who in their right minds spam their followers just to confirm that they are real humans and not robots? Like I said before, IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO FOLLOW YOUR FOLLOWERS BACK, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT SPAM THEIR DM WITH LINKS TO CONFIRM IF THEY ARE REAL HUMANS!

Second: If you DO want to follow back some of your followers, TAKE THE TIME TO CLICK THEIR PICTURE AND VISIT THEIR PROFILE. Once you do this, you will find out so many things about them. For example, you can look at their picture! You can READ their bio (a big factor when I follow back people who follow me). And, you can read some of their tweets.

Third: If the person’s profile you are looking at has: a bad picture, no bio, no tweets of their own only re-tweets, follows 2,000 accounts and only 300 accounts follow back, I am sure you can agree with me that you shouldn’t follow them back! Just my opinion, of course.

Time: Please, just take the time to say thanks to your followers. Take the time to visit their Twitter profile, their websites, check out the cover of their books if they have one and comment on it. Visit their blog and comment on one of the posts. Take the time to know who follows you. Do not pay a robot to do this for you. It is inhuman and wrong, very, very wrong from your part. Not many of the people who take time out of their lives to follow you want to get a DM with a link to click just to be ‘accepted into your real human standards.’

You’re blocked and reported for spam: I am sure that by now you know why it is disrespectful to use a robot to send links to your followers, who you do not follow back. Please stop if you are doing it. Just stop. If you care so much about the people who follow you, Twitter has an option to have your profile private. USE IT! No one will see your tweets; no one follows you until you approve it. Stop spamming people’s DM with links to click. It’s disrespectful to the human world of Twitter

I DO encourage everyone who gets this kind of DMs to ignore them, search the person who sent them, and REPORT THEM FOR SPAM. This kind of thing should not be allowed. Go! Block everyone who does this. They don’t deserve your time! (I know it’s an extra step to go and report them, but trust me, you are better off alone than with those people who don’t care for the time you spent clicking on their “follow” button.)

I am going to end on that note. And if you read this and agree or disagree with me, please leave me a comment!

PS: I took all images from Google Images.



  2. Agree 100% and I DO report and block EVERY user that sends me a TrueTwit DM - or "TrueTwats" as I prefer to call them!

  3. You forgot to mention or you were unaware that when TrueTwit DM’s a potential follower and said follower complies and validates, Truetwit then leaves cookies in your computer. They have no reason to do that because your asked to validate each time a different truetwit user sends out a DM. The first time that you are validated should be the last time and any subsequent requests should have the next truetwit user get a message advising them that this account has already been validated, you would think that should happen since they leave cookies. So let me say I am alleging that truetwit is spamming you, I deleted all the truetwit cookies in my computer, then I posted in my bio No To TrueTwit. I allege it to be a scam, and I am filing a formal complaint against them with Twitter. I also think when you reach out to follow an account and instead of receiving a thank you, the first thing they send back to you is I think your a spammer validate yourself. I say to myself how insulting so #$%^ you and I automatically unfollow. I am also trying to develop an app that will automatically unfollow any account that sends you that stupid insult.

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  5. TrueTwit leaves cookies ON your computer, not in it. They're very very tasty, so that's fine by me.


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