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Inspired by tradition...

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I entered Facebook and saw so many pictures! I love pictures.
As you might know, this week is Holy Week. It is celebrated in the town where my novel takes place, which is why I was inspired to write this post. Whenever I see something, I always think of ways I can incorporate elements in my work. This happens to be the case.

The tradition is that a bunch of guys dress in colorful cloths and mask themselves!
Are you following?
They have a whip! Some have bags filled with seeds.
They chase people (usually children) still, people, and ask for money.

Creepy yet?

If you don't give them money, they will WHIP YOU!

I'm serious! They will literally hit you with their whips. And it hurts like hell.
What I'm saying, if you don't have change (money), stay away from town!

So here I am thinking: masked men, asking for money. Now, there is something interesting! I can easily do hundredths of things with them, incorporate them in my work, and make something creative.

Story of these masked men: they dress up as Judas (you know, the guy who sold Jesus?). Well, they ask for money for the same reason. (In the old days, well, I think it is still, all the money they collect goes to the church. They church uses this money to pay for the castillo (if there is one), the band, the service, and whatever else.

This is a castillo. Think of it as a very tall stick with a bunch of fireworks!

Anyway, these Judas ask for money from Mon-Wed (and Thursday, maybe). On "Good Friday" there is something, but I cannot recall. I should search. Maybe?

Well, moving on to Saturday...the town gets soaked!
You read right!
Everyone will have an enormous water fight! You will get wet by someone on Holy Saturday; either a water balloon will be thrown at you, or a bucket full of water. LOL!
Fun isn't it!!!???

(Note: the tradition of Holy Saturday and water fighting is being banned! I know! Sucks! All because there is only so much water to waste. Should it still be kept as a tradition? I find it very awesome! I would love for it to stay, but since the water is gold...gah!)

On Sunday, they have the fiesta. (I hope I am correct, or I'll hang my fingers for typing incorrect information.)

During this fiesta on Easter, they have a pinata-like figure of Judas. (Also, they hang someone dressed as Judas; they don't kill him, they just strap him with a lasso and make it look like he hanged himself.) If you are familiar with the story of Judas, he hanged himself after selling Jesus for, I think, 30 silver coins.)

Guess what the pinata of Judas it is filled with???


They burn Judas!

Something good and bad about this:
Good: it is a good show!
Bad: you must run or hide from the fireworks! When the fireworks are called "buscapies" (feet-finders), they mean it! The fireworks will snake and find you!

(When I was little, I dreaded them so much I'd cry.)

Come on. Don't tell me that is not inspirational! I can hide and make a whole mess with the masked men, maybe even make something with the fireworks like make one come to life and chase after one of my characters. Ha-ha-ha! I'm kidding. I'd actually want to burn a character and have someone save him or her; or just cure their burns. Hey, yes!

One way or another, the tradition stands.

And to have some fun, here are the pictures of these week!!! Enjoy. I must write some awesome scenes now...

(Permission to use the last pictures was received from the owner of the Facebook page titled 'Tlazazalca Mich. Méx.' You can see more of the pictures clicking the following web address, they also have videos!: )


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  1. Crazy! I went to Catholic school and all, but our Holy Week never looked like that! If they had, maybe I would be Catholic today.
    Anyway, cool post! You're right; lots of inspiration there...

  2. Wow. That is cuhraaazy. What I find fascinating about contemporary religious practices are their roots in much earlier religions (the religions the churches tried to stamp out, but couldn't totally). Okay, "you" say Judas figures, I see a guy with horns (fertility god, goat god, call him whatever you want, he's "horny"). "You" say "water fight", I see symbolic orgy. Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, yup, pagan fertility symbols. Thanks for sharing all that, there is A LOT of inspiration to be had there.

  3. I've never heard of these Holy Week activities. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  4. So interesting how one spiritual holiday is celebrated so diversely across the world. Good stuff! And some of those masks are creepy!

  5. Fantastic! And yes, the masked whipping men sound very creepy. And I'd cry too, if flames of snapping fire chased me. EeKs! A very passionate celebration. I love learning how different cultures celebrate their heritage or religion. You're going to get somem awesome scene for sure. Good luck. ~write away! :)) nice meeting you Jluis!

  6. I love this so much!! I'm fascinated by other traditions. You could pretty much write a whole story from this one week. LOVE IT.

  7. Wooooow - these Holy Week activities look like a lot more fun than what I experienced growing up!

  8. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  9. La vida loca ;-) Me gusta. Tambien, me recuerdo algo parece en Argentina donde es mi familia. Feliz Pascua!


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