Iron Man 3: My Thoughts

Hello, everyone!

Today I will be talking about Iron Man 3, which releases on May 3rd!

If you do not want spoilers this is for you:

The movie starts very fast and we move into it very fast as we discover what is what, who is who and where they come from. There are a lot of slow scenes but the few good ones that are there do make up for the time lost.

Basically what the movie is about is this bad guy (Killian) who is kind of taking revenge on Tony for something of the past. Killian has this evil project that makes people into burning people. Somehow they are lava people. He even breathes fire on one occasion. (Spoiler?) This is called the Extremis. Of course, if someone’s body doesn’t respond well to it, it heats up to 3,000 Celsius and explodes! BANG! Fire everywhere.

We know from the trailer that Tony’s mansion is destroyed, this comes after some threats. I loved that scene! Potts, (his girlfriend) gets to do some kick-ass things! Which I loved. She doesn’t just wait to be rescued.

Then there is the whole other thing, basically everything I say will be a spoiler.

Funny-wise, there was no parts where I actually laughed, except for one when Tony is fighting the bad guys and suddenly a guy pops in and Tony has his Iron Man hand pointing at him and with the other he is holding a gun. The guy then sees Tony and says, “I’ll just leave! I hate it here! They are so weird.” And walks away.

Also, Tony’s girlfriend dies. Yes, she falls into the fire and di—hell, spoiler. Sorry. Sorry.

Oh, never mind! She doesn’t die.

Overall the movie is good. But it isn’t as great. Somehow when you get to meet the bad guy there is a taste of sour-sweet. You are left saying, “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT THEN? WHAT THE HELL? WHY! WHY?”

The ending will shock a few people. It is actually something I was not expecting.

Be prepared for fireworks!

If you love spoilers, continue reading! (I WILL TELL YOU MOST IMPORTANT POINTS IN THE MOVIE!)

Are you reading?


Basically the movie starts following right after the Avengers! After those events, Tony has built all of these Iron Man suits to protect the people around him he loves most.

The movie starts with a flashback from 1999, where we get to meet his ex-girlfriend, Maya, I think it was. It’s a New Year’s party and we meet the evil guy, Killian who is working on this project called Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM). We do not know what it is, or I don’t remember. But his then girlfriend, Maya has this plant that somehow regrows itself, but also explodes!

We jump to present day and there is this bad guy named the Mandarin and there are attacks and threats.


The movie jumps right into action and we get to see some epic moves when Tony’s mansion is destroyed. I was heartbroken. I was nearly screaming at the screen. Sad. It was sad.

He somehow survives and his suit takes him to this snowy place. I think it was Tennessee. There, he teams up with this 10-year-old boy, Harley. While there, he gets attacked by these soldiers who are part of the Extremis program, which is an experimental program that allows them to recovers from injuries, much like the plant we saw at the beginning of the movie. If these soldier’s bodies do not work well with the Extremities, their bodies heat up to 3,000 Celsius and explode! BANG!

With Harley’s help, Tony goes to Miami Florida after pinpointing the Mandarin (I truly hope that’s his name) there. Once in Florida, he gets to this mansion where he fights! There are this epics scenes and we get a lot of info, such as the truth about the Mandarin, who is actually not evil, but pretty slow. He is just an actor who was hired by Killian.

Killian also gives false info to the American intelligence about the true location of the Mandarin, which is false. There, he lures James, the former War Machine, whose name is Iron Patriot, into a trap to steal his suit.

So by now we know that Tony escaped and he discovers that Killian is planning to attack President Ellis while he is aboard Air Force One.

In the plane, we get a bit of fighting and we also see the super epic scene where Tony saves 13 people from the fall!

I was scared. It was very scary and awesome and good and I wanted more and needed more. 13 people on a freefall and only one Iron Man there to save them….

Killian does take the President but Tony saves the passengers who would otherwise fall to their deaths.

James and Tony track Killian to an oil drilling platform somewhere and we get to see the President wearing the Patriot Suit, hanging in the air. Killian will put him on TV and use him as a puppet. But, of course, Tony ruins the day and tries to save him.

We get all of these burning soldiers who are going to attack.

Before Tony and James are attacked by Killian’s army, all of these Iron Man suits come to the help!

I have to say, I was excited!

[I think I skipped something very, very important, and that is that Potts, Tony’s girlfriend was injected with the Extremis things to make her a burning monster.]

Of course, Tony goes and saves her while James goes and saves the president.

Tony and Killian have this epic battle and all of these explosions and awesome stuff! But Potts suddenly is hanging, stuck and Tony tries to save her.

And he’s near her, beneath, and tells her to let go.

He will catch her!


And she let’s go.



I cry.


Tony, you son of a suit!

Why didn’t you catch her?

She falls from so high into a fire that was made from someone exploding and probably dies.

Tony and Killian fight gloriously for a while, and when Killian never expects it, Tony commands his suit to wrap on Killian’s body, then makes it destroy itself, killing Killian.

But Killian doesn’t die. And he returns to kill Tony. And seconds before that happens, he is saved by his girlfriend, who is a burning torch!

So much! We come to the conclusion when they both hug and Tony does something that I couldn’t understand! I could not understand!

Every Iron Man Suit begins to explode. Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Fireworks! Pow!

He destroyed every suit.

He is taken to this hospital where he is in a bed (duh, silly me). Potts has surgery to remove the Extremis, and Tony has a surgery to remove the shrapnel on his chest that had always been near his heart. (That one that powers-up his Iron Man suit.)

In the end, he visits the ruins of his old mansion and explains, that even without his armor, HE WILL ALWAYS BE IRON MAN!

For now...he is just a normal human....

That is all!

That is all!

I cannot wait for you guys to watch it and tell me your thoughts!

[I wrote this very fast. So, my apologies for typos and such...]


  1. Skipped all the spoilers. HA! Sounds like this wasn't the "best"... though isn't that what tends to happen by the third or fourth movie? (Sadly.) Still going this w/e, still excited to see Mr. Downy Jr. :D I'll come back to this next week and see if I agree with you. (If not... NO COOKIES FOR YOU!)

    :D Jessica

  2. DOWNY? Is he fabric softener? *sigh* CORRECTION: DOWNEY


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