Typos: The Monsters We Create

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Don’t you hate typos?

The worse thing about them is that you find them AFTER you send whatever writing contains them…live.

And you freak out and look something like this:

Of course, then you might for example, write a tweet saying how much you hate typos. Or you might leave a comment after your post fixing your typo, and BLAMING the typo for making you look…like a typo.

Sometimes a typo doesn’t mean you spill something wrong!


Sometimes you are so concentrated writing whatever you are writing that you write something twice. Take my last tweet for example:

Then, of course, I write a tweet saying how much I hate typos.

Why? Well, so that I don’t feel too bad. But, of course, by then, everyone who read my typo laughed and left, and they didn’t read my tweet about my hate towards typos. Because I scared them away.

Lucky for me, someone might read my tweet about hating typos without knowing I sent it because of my previous one. With a typo…and it makes me feel better.

Who says this only applies for such things?

True story: I once posted a picture on Facebook. And someone who I speak very little with said something like, “Your SHIRT matches your hat too well. Only if it didn’t…”

I was left thinking, only if it didn’t…what?

So, I replied with something like, “What if the SHIT didn’t match?”

(Duh I meant to say s-h-i-r-t!)
A few hours went by. I then got a notification saying the person ‘like’ my reply. But they didn’t reply to my question. Well, obviously not! I was being mean. Mean as mean as I could be. You should have seen my face!

Wait, no. It was more like this:

WAIT! No, it wasn’t like that. I felt like I had just hit myself on the face with my face.

Something like this:

See, typos are everywhere!

Have you seen those where, “Today I had a sandwich milkshake and a yogurt”?

A sandwich milkshake sounds utterly nasty! At least it is just that and not something else. Then I would be like:

But…don’t you just LOVE blaming “the typos” for making you feel embarrassed?

Come on! Admit it. You blame the typos for existing.

Yet, who creates them?

YOU! US! ME! (Say it: I create them.)

Because we can’t help it. We don’t know they are there until we see them.

We trust!

We even feel proud of writing such amazing thing before the typo shows up.

We cheer. And we read. And re-read. And read again. We even make faces while reading our work of words!

Then you find that HORRIBLE typo. The one that screams louder than everything else does. The one that hates; the one that goes against everything you believe in; the one that promises to bring you down, step on your throat, and make a clown out of you!


There comes the lesson: You can’t play with fire if you don’t want to get burned.

Which bring me to the last thing: typos will always be with us. We create them. They are part of us. Now, you can either frown upon their existence or move on. Just remember that writing is playing with fire and eventually you will be burned (by writing a typo).

Does that mean you should stop writing? NO!

We die with every breath we take. That’s not a reason why we should stop breathing. (Don’t add to this….)

Now, go write and love the typos. They are part of who we are.

(Unless the typos are in permanent works such as books. Then worry and try to make the best out of it all. Or fix it, maybe.)

Smile and Keep Reading…

P.S. Typos included on this post.


  1. LOL. I once typed: He covered his hand with his eyes instead of he covered his eyes with his hand. Gah. Glad I caught it in time.

    1. Hehe! That one isn't as bad, though. I wonder what you were thinking when you wrote it...

  2. LMAO
    Typos love me.
    Me? I appreci-hate them... and yet there they are laughing and mocking me. But sure, J.Luis, I'll try to take your advice and love them. I'll try.

    By the way, now I'm left wondering the end of that person's comment on FB... only if they didn't... WHAT? That's some kind of torture right there. Boo.

    1. LOL! Yes, love them! (Or try.)

      Maybe if they didn't...match? I thought that! Still my typo was something. I found nowhere to hide. I was too ashamed to even talk about it after. Just one letter. One. And it gave my sentence a whole different meaning.

    2. "I appreci-hate them". That is so awesome. The only thing I (grudgingly) like about typos is that they keep me grounded. Nothing knocks the air out of an inflating ego like a typo.

  3. Brilliant post! Nothing worse than having a post with a typo re-tweeted. I hate when that happens.

    1. Thank you!
      Yes. And mine was a double sin. One day, maybe, I will be forgiven?


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