#365DaysLater: Day Zero

Friday, May 16, 2014
Hello, hello, hello!
Yes, I'm alive.
Yes, I exist.
No, I haven't been here in a big while.
Lots of things have changed.
Miss me yet?
I didn't think so.

So I really, really want to continue writing. Every day I come back from work my PC basically screams at me! I used to write every day. Two hours. Now, I just think of sleep and food. And work. Adulthood sucks. Who even invented this...this thing? We'll talk when we get home. *Gives them the evil eye*

Things first!

1) I just began re-writing my urban fantasy novel for young adults (some say it's middle grade, but some of the themes in it are not appropriate). So far, I have nearly 4,000 words down! My last draft (7th draft...I know, I know, so many drafts, eat me already), has around 118,000 words, so hopefully I end up with as many or less, as long as the story comes through. I will share the first page with you tomorrow!

2) I had 4 fish. 2 died after I switched the tank's light off for a night. 1 jumped out while I cleaned the tank and physically dried! And the last fish...died today after putting it in the clean tank! WHY, GOD, WHY?

3) I work. 4 pm to 12 am. 5 days a week. I sleep a lot, so yeah. But a job, though. So not bad at all. Actually thinking of a second job...but I want to write. I am literally UNABLE to stop thinking about my writing now. I somedays feel like my head will explode, and I get VERY anxious and want to write every freaking story I can think of, and turn every-day-thing into a story, a book, add drama. I am seeing aliens and witches and monsters, and people fighting people! This is mad. I can't live without writing. I now know.

4) My mom just had her 5th child. It's a boy. I gave him his middle name. It's Mateo (Matthew). I'm really happy, and he's adorable. Picture here: http://instagram.com/p/oCGovLmimL 

5) As you might have known, I used to blog for The Writer Diaries. But since I work (crazy hours), they asked me to step down. I felt bad that I couldn't promote the blog as much as I wanted, given that I can with my Twitter and Facebook, etc, but I've neglected my blog as well. Other than that, I don't think I missed any posts on there. So I was a little sad when I got the email. Good things don't last, eh. Anyway, follow them! They'll have awesome stuff to share all week. Trust me. I know the schedule. *Wink*

6) Because I was not writing, all I could do was THINK about writing. I honestly came up with...THREE new plots for novels I want to write. If I could write 1 book a year, i'd take me about 17 years to write them all. *DIES*


8) I am currently reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Laini Taylor is amazing. *Breathes* And trying to re-read Uglies.

9) If I get good reading done, I will have a book review up every 7 to 14 days on my new, shiny blog at J Luis Reads. Check it out.

10) Since most reviews are for books that many people already know about, I want to review books from independent authors. In case you have a book you'd think I'd enjoy and you can handle my honest review, shoot me an email (find it over by the icons area...on the top right hand corner). I will honestly read anything, as long as it has a great plot, because it's what I love the most. I don't read science fiction. Or erotica. Because they are either really, really long, or the plot is predictable.

11) Wish me luck and see you around.

-J Luis


  1. Growing up does kinda suck :-/ Much less time to write. But if you're still getting ideas, that's great! You will get into the groove and find new times to write, even if it's not as frequently as before. ;]

    1. It does, but we can only adjust to the changes. I agree, and this is why I am trying to do this. :) I hope I get something going on. Thank you for stopping by.


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