#365DaysLater: Day One

Saturday, May 17, 2014
So today I thought I was going to be able to write. A lot. Since I have most of the words I want to put down in my mind, but I had a pretty busy day.

1) I went to Lowe's and bought potting soil for my garden (yes, I have one). Everything I planted were seeds, so there is a 75% fat chance not many will grow and succeed. It took me about 2 hours to finish that, but it is done. It was a pretty cold day, then it was a bit hot. Today (Sunday) it's supposed to be warm. So hopefully the seeds understand I planted them on cold, rainy today for a reason.

2) I needed walking shoes, so I had to run to the store and get some. By the way, I stopped by Payless, because they sell amazing comfortable shoes there. And I found them! Two pairs. Around $50 both. And I got a coupon they gave me there for 20% off my purchase, so it came out to be $40 for both pairs of shoes, which I love...wearing one pair right now.
Treat Yo Self

3) I had to do laundry, and all my clean clothes are now on my bed. Hopefully not for long. I will try to fix them before I go to bed, or I'll just move them... You get the idea.

4) I got a call from an aunt that a friend of a friend of hers needs 2 (TWO) huge pinatas, so I will be working on those really soon. I am charging her $30 for each one, since she put the price tag on them. So $60 dollars for about 4 hours of work. I could do worse.

5) I went to practice with the cones for the driver's test, but I SUCK. I SUCK BADLY. The thing is basically impossible. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA. Not. Funny. I find it hard. So I have a lot, a lot of work to do. I think the cones will be ran over by my car so much by the time I learn, I'll have to buy my godfather new ones.
PS: My brother also sucks.

6) My day ended with me going to the store and basically buying a BUNCH of books. Let me count them and I'll tell you just how many....

Around 12 new books. I didn't REALLY buy them because I want to read them and love the story. I bought them because (and I hope I'm not the only who does this), when I sit to write, I like to take breaks by opening a book just wherever and...read. Just read. Words. Words. Not mind the plot. So yeah, fat books.

7) Right now, I am writing on folders. Physical folders, because I have so many ideas. Random ideas, and I want to be able to place them somewhere. For example, they might fit in a scene for a book I'm thinking of writing.

If I can manage to fix all these folders, and write AT LEAST 1,000 words, I will share the first page of the new content I have for my novel T. R. Orbs.
Kristen Bell Wink

Check back tomorrow!

-J Luis

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