Yes, I speak English

I was just out a few minutes ago, buying books, of course! Only seven of them this time, I promise.
I don't know where 30 minutes went! I guess I tried to find good titles.
Well, I was at the store waiting in line to check out, books in my hands, heavy, too. There is this white lady trying to cut me off, because apparently I don't seem to be in a straight line, in line!
As I'm trying to thinking of a way to get this white lady off my toes, the cashier, who was white, too, begins to stare at this little girl, who was happily playing with a pony. The pony was big, about 3 feet tall, and the girl also wanted to ride it, I'm sure. The mother of this girl was standing right next to her, looking at a few items.
When the girl seems happy enough, the cashier says in a loud voice, "SENORITA!" And the mom quickly takes notice and looks her way. I don't know what to think, what is she speaking Spanish? Does she know Spanish? Does the woman understand? What!?
The cashier then tells her a word in English and a word in Spanish. All I* understood was that the little girl "Couldn't be doing that."
I looked at the mom, she seemed taken aback. So she calls after her daughter, but the daughter doesn't hear her at once. The girl's name is something that sounds Italian. No lie. The cashier stares at the mom, her eyes piecing. The mom feels the cuts and walks to her daughter, yanking her, and drawing her away from the pony.
The cashier smiles, I guess she feels good about herself.
And this is playing nicely in my mind. Until I realize that the woman DOES NOT SPEAK SPANISH. I mean, she MIGHT look like she is from the Americas, or from a part of the Old World where they MIGHT speak Spanish. After all, her skin is bronze, average height, etc.
Right then, I roll my eyes.
Racist! I think.
A black woman, in her early twenties, who also works there walks by the isle where the woman and the girl are and asks her if she speaks English.
This strikes me as VERY ODD.
What question is that?
I hear the mom say, "Yes, I speak English." And smiles.
The black girl walks over to the cashier and tells her she shouldn't do that.
The white girl asks what. And the black girl tells her that she spoke to her in SPANISH, but the woman knows English, and whatever other language.
The cashier then does a strange movement with her head as is saying "I don't care," and then says..."Well, I didn't know."

I narrowed my eyes so tight that when the black girl asked if I was next in line and that she could help me, I ran.

Then the white lady who tried to cut chased me, but a man with many things cut her and she was now ONE more person behind. Stupid.

The point of this post is that, no matter who it is, we are in a country where English is spoken. JUST because someone MIGHT look like they are from another country, doesn't mean we should try to speak to them in ANOTHER language, unless we know what language they speak, and if they want to speak in that language to us.

I hope this helps someone out there!

I'm going to read now.

#365DaysLater: Day Two

I did finish fixing all the folders I had. Unfortunately, I discovered I can't work on more than three stories at a time. Yes, I know how to keep them apart and the stories from entwining, but my mind wouldn't handle it. I also now have a schedule. Reading has more space now. Cheers to that. I have 58 books, physical copies, in my possession, which I must read.

What Did You Say?

Okay, about reading: I have my Goodreads page (LINK), and I will try and read the books on my TBR list as they were added (in order). Unless there is like book 3 of a series first and I haven't read the first, then it will be skipped. I say because there are about 400 books I want to read, so yeah...I need some rules. I will also review every book I read. Cheers to that, I say.

Do It

Skipping to the end of this post, I promised to share a bit of T. R. Orbs with you, and I will do so. I don't ever share my writing because, honestly, no one cares about something that hasn't been published. Among other reasons, etc, etc.

Do tell me what you think! I thought it a bit "usual," which isn't good, but I like the approach to the story this way better than the old. Hopefully I can publish pieces and bits for you to compare in a near future.
As of now, enjoy.
And comments.
I wanna feed on them. Good and bad.

T. R. Orbs

Chapter One

The coldness of the soil underneath his feet is beginning to bite his bones.

Zachary feels it biting and steps on the grass that patiently waits for the sun to return, but it doesn’t help, the grass is covered with frozen dew. He didn’t realize he wasn’t wearing shoes when he rushed out of his house nearly three hours ago, until recently, when he arrived at the lake and stepped on a stick that made his knees bend and his body nearly tumble to the ground.

He would’ve stay in bed if he didn’t have nightmares. His bad dreams have been the same for the past two nights, but today, he dreamt something different, something that made him walk around town in search of answers.

He found none.

However, he’s discovered that standing near the water helps him replay his dreams, his forgotten memories. He needs to remember more of what faints away. He needs to know if he’s able to see who killed them. He wants to see the murderer hiding in his mind.

A sharp pain coils at the back of his head and sliders down his spine; his skin contracts severely, forcing him to jerk his shoulders forward. He breathes through his mouth slowly, trying not to swallow the contents of his stuffed nose, and feels the cold air soothing his irritated throat.

The icy air against his skin allows him to remember his parents dying in front of him.

He stares at the sky and tries to imagine white clouds to clear his mind, but his memories begin to fight him, clustering his thoughts with sour, twisted pictures. He doesn’t want to see his recent dream, but he must. He’s certain he saw something new, and he’s willing to remember, willing to renew his pain.

His hands tingle, then his feet, as if they want to do something else than just be attached to him. He’s losing focus, so he attempts to concentrate on the calm surface of the water and the bright vapor rising.

The light around him wanes against his darkness.

He’s thinking about many things, trying to lock out the memory that taunts him. He’s weak. A harsh obscurity now settles on his eyes, and his eyelids fall shut. A shrilling sound stings his eardrums and he remembers.

#365DaysLater: Day One

So today I thought I was going to be able to write. A lot. Since I have most of the words I want to put down in my mind, but I had a pretty busy day.

1) I went to Lowe's and bought potting soil for my garden (yes, I have one). Everything I planted were seeds, so there is a 75% fat chance not many will grow and succeed. It took me about 2 hours to finish that, but it is done. It was a pretty cold day, then it was a bit hot. Today (Sunday) it's supposed to be warm. So hopefully the seeds understand I planted them on cold, rainy today for a reason.

2) I needed walking shoes, so I had to run to the store and get some. By the way, I stopped by Payless, because they sell amazing comfortable shoes there. And I found them! Two pairs. Around $50 both. And I got a coupon they gave me there for 20% off my purchase, so it came out to be $40 for both pairs of shoes, which I love...wearing one pair right now.
Treat Yo Self

3) I had to do laundry, and all my clean clothes are now on my bed. Hopefully not for long. I will try to fix them before I go to bed, or I'll just move them... You get the idea.

4) I got a call from an aunt that a friend of a friend of hers needs 2 (TWO) huge pinatas, so I will be working on those really soon. I am charging her $30 for each one, since she put the price tag on them. So $60 dollars for about 4 hours of work. I could do worse.

5) I went to practice with the cones for the driver's test, but I SUCK. I SUCK BADLY. The thing is basically impossible. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA. Not. Funny. I find it hard. So I have a lot, a lot of work to do. I think the cones will be ran over by my car so much by the time I learn, I'll have to buy my godfather new ones.
PS: My brother also sucks.

6) My day ended with me going to the store and basically buying a BUNCH of books. Let me count them and I'll tell you just how many....

Around 12 new books. I didn't REALLY buy them because I want to read them and love the story. I bought them because (and I hope I'm not the only who does this), when I sit to write, I like to take breaks by opening a book just wherever Just read. Words. Words. Not mind the plot. So yeah, fat books.

7) Right now, I am writing on folders. Physical folders, because I have so many ideas. Random ideas, and I want to be able to place them somewhere. For example, they might fit in a scene for a book I'm thinking of writing.

If I can manage to fix all these folders, and write AT LEAST 1,000 words, I will share the first page of the new content I have for my novel T. R. Orbs.
Kristen Bell Wink

Check back tomorrow!

-J Luis

#365DaysLater: Day Zero

Hello, hello, hello!
Yes, I'm alive.
Yes, I exist.
No, I haven't been here in a big while.
Lots of things have changed.
Miss me yet?
I didn't think so.

So I really, really want to continue writing. Every day I come back from work my PC basically screams at me! I used to write every day. Two hours. Now, I just think of sleep and food. And work. Adulthood sucks. Who even invented this...this thing? We'll talk when we get home. *Gives them the evil eye*

Things first!

1) I just began re-writing my urban fantasy novel for young adults (some say it's middle grade, but some of the themes in it are not appropriate). So far, I have nearly 4,000 words down! My last draft (7th draft...I know, I know, so many drafts, eat me already), has around 118,000 words, so hopefully I end up with as many or less, as long as the story comes through. I will share the first page with you tomorrow!

2) I had 4 fish. 2 died after I switched the tank's light off for a night. 1 jumped out while I cleaned the tank and physically dried! And the last fish...died today after putting it in the clean tank! WHY, GOD, WHY?

3) I work. 4 pm to 12 am. 5 days a week. I sleep a lot, so yeah. But a job, though. So not bad at all. Actually thinking of a second job...but I want to write. I am literally UNABLE to stop thinking about my writing now. I somedays feel like my head will explode, and I get VERY anxious and want to write every freaking story I can think of, and turn every-day-thing into a story, a book, add drama. I am seeing aliens and witches and monsters, and people fighting people! This is mad. I can't live without writing. I now know.

4) My mom just had her 5th child. It's a boy. I gave him his middle name. It's Mateo (Matthew). I'm really happy, and he's adorable. Picture here: 

5) As you might have known, I used to blog for The Writer Diaries. But since I work (crazy hours), they asked me to step down. I felt bad that I couldn't promote the blog as much as I wanted, given that I can with my Twitter and Facebook, etc, but I've neglected my blog as well. Other than that, I don't think I missed any posts on there. So I was a little sad when I got the email. Good things don't last, eh. Anyway, follow them! They'll have awesome stuff to share all week. Trust me. I know the schedule. *Wink*

6) Because I was not writing, all I could do was THINK about writing. I honestly came up with...THREE new plots for novels I want to write. If I could write 1 book a year, i'd take me about 17 years to write them all. *DIES*


8) I am currently reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Laini Taylor is amazing. *Breathes* And trying to re-read Uglies.

9) If I get good reading done, I will have a book review up every 7 to 14 days on my new, shiny blog at J Luis Reads. Check it out.

10) Since most reviews are for books that many people already know about, I want to review books from independent authors. In case you have a book you'd think I'd enjoy and you can handle my honest review, shoot me an email (find it over by the icons area...on the top right hand corner). I will honestly read anything, as long as it has a great plot, because it's what I love the most. I don't read science fiction. Or erotica. Because they are either really, really long, or the plot is predictable.

11) Wish me luck and see you around.

-J Luis