Rustic Stars: Character Reveal: SAMONE

Today you will meet SAMONE

SAMONE is a main character in the story [Main Character

She is 15 years old.

Her family are: Tehja (grandmother) 

Her partner for The Parse: EAST

 Curse: She is a siren (aka mermaid)

For your reading pleasure, I have this teaser from SAMONE*

I scream and swim back a few meters, away from the edge, and into deeper water. He stares down, at the water, at me—he stares at me! He’s gasping and walking back, backing up as the blood flushes from his face. He’s seen my body covered in green scales, and worse, my tail. I couldn’t hide; he caught me by surprise.
What was I thinking?
“Are you a demon?” he questions. I don’t see fear in his eyes, but I do see disgust. It tickles me the wrong way and makes my heart wither. Disgust. Disgust!
“I’m a siren. Have you ever heard of a siren?” I say, and swim in a circle with my head outside the water, thinking about holding on from the edge of the river once more.
“Are you a killer?”
“No!” I reply, and stop moving. “I’ve never kill anyone.”
“I heard a siren once killed a boat full of people in this river,” he mentions, and I turn as green as seaweed.
“It was not me, I promise,” I say, suddenly thinking that this might be another reason why people keep away from this river.
“What are you doing here?” he asks. I think he’s satisfied with my reply to his question about me not being responsible for the deaths of those people.
“This is where I come to hide,” I state, and swim to the edge after feeling comfortable enough. If he tries to grab me again, I’ll be prepared to escape. “What are you doing here?”
“This is where I come to hide,” he answers, painting a smile on my face.
“We have that in common, then.”
“I guess.”
“Why were you crying?” I want to know. I don’t know why, maybe because I’m a nosy siren. Or maybe because when I’m a siren, I’m attracted to humans with wounded hearts. Maybe that’s why I want him, be near him, feel him, touch him….


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