Tim Hortons doesn't know what it sells: A Tale of Lattes

On Monday July 15th, around the time of 6:30AM, I stopped at Tim Horton’s for some coffee, as I was too late for work to make mine at home that day.

The line to it was short, and I quickly ordered the usual, except, this time I was getting it from other people who don’t know me; a different shift.

I ordered a “MOCHA LATTE”


I’ve always gotten what I’ve ordered, but this time, something was different. My drink was boiling hot and thin and lacked in flavor. Let’s say I threw it out when I got to work.

On Tuesday July 16th, I went again, hoping to get a better coffee. I sought something different, maybe last time I had ordered the wrong THING.

I ordered a “COFFEE MOCHA”


And that’s exactly what I got. Coffee in a cup with chocolate syrup.

I went back again on Thursday July 18th, around 6:40AM, late me to work, as always.
I ordered a “MOCHA LATTE”

Guess what I got? Coffee mixed with Chocolate syrup.

Why am I upset?

For a “Mocha Latte” you’re paying almost FOUR $4 dollars for a medium cup!

For a “CAFFE MOCHA” you only pay TWO $2

I was being robbed! Buying different things and getting the same shit for different prices. No matter what I asked for, they kept giving me the same nasty coffee for either $4 if I asked ‘Mocha Latte’ or only $2 if I asked ‘Coffee Mocha’

On their website:

COFFEE MOCHA: “this delectable coffee mocha blends premium blend coffee with hot chocolate”

MOCHA LATTE: “espresso, frothed milk and cocoa mix topped with chocolate whipped topping and chocolaty drizzle”

Can someone explain why the staff at the Tim Horton’s at (6532 EBroad St, Columbus, OH 43213) DOES NOT KNOW, OR UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE PRODUCTS THAT THEY SELL?

I reached out to Tim Horton’s via DM on July 18th asking them for the ingredients on each of their different drinks. THERE WAS NO REPLY.

I sent them another message: RADIO SILENCE

And another tweet

And another tweet

And another tweet

And another

Getting bored


Be careful about what you pay for. I will certainly go shop for my $5 cup of coffee elsewhere. Just funny how they lack caring.

*On Thursday July 18th I went back to complain to the staff that I had got the wrong coffee. Which I ordered a Mocha Latte and paid $7 for ($4 for the coffee). The man making it came to the window and brought all the stuff, saying that he made me what I bought. I told the cashier that I wasn’t right. I’d buy it before, I knew what it was supposed to taste like. They tried to ‘make it right” and the cashier agreed with me I had to get what I paid for.
So they showed me, made it again. The same thing. A coffee mocha ($2) and NOT a Mocha Latte ($4), which is what I paid for.
They gave me the same thing and I drove off. Unsure if I was the most embarrassed by their lack of knowledge of their own products, or that they tried to “show me” that they were correct and I was wrong, even though you can CLEARLY find what is what on their website. WORSE experience ever.


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